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3 Reasons How You Can Benefit From Wood Material

And 3 Ways To Maintain Your Wood Products

We have stress from time to time that wood material is very useful and versatile. Wood material can be made into various useful items. Not forgetting to mention that wood usually gives people a rustic feel and impression.

People love wood material. A lot of us do, and it’s for good reasons too. Misarma Enterprise has been selling wood to many suppliers, organisations, companies and individuals for many years already. It’s an ongoing sales material that’s pretty much always in demand.

Wood material can benefit people in many diverse ways. Here are just some of them.

Benefits of Using Wood Products

We love wood products. They can do a lot of things for you. Here are just some of the good stuffs that wood material can do for you!

1. Tensile Strength

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Wood tends to be a relatively lightweight building material. It even outperforms steel at times when it comes to breaking length. Or its self-support length. In simple words, it can support its own weight better than some other material. That allows for far bigger spaces and fewer necessary support in some building design.

2. Electrical, Heat, and Sound Resistant

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Wood has a natural resistance to electricity when dried to standard moisture content (MC) levels. It’s usually between 7%-12% for most wood species. This conductivity is, as a matter of fact, the basis for one type of moisture measurement system.

Its strength and dimensions are also not significantly affected by heat. Which means it provides stability to the finished building. Sometimes it even provides safety implications for certain fire situations.

At the same time, wood’s acoustic properties make it perfect for reducing echo in living or office spaces. Wood absorbs sound, rather than reflecting or amplifying it. It can also help significantly reduce noise levels for additional comfort.

3. Beauty in Wood Products

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With the wide variety of wood species available, wood presents an incredible range of aesthetic choices. That as well as it provides varied mechanical, acoustic, thermal properties along with others. Those that can be chosen based on the need of the building project.

What more when you choose to use wood products, you can use it to make home furniture and other similar home décor items. Wood products exude a rustic environment and homeliness. It gives people an impression of the countryside.

There are even guides to mixing wood tones online for you to follow and base your home renovation on. At the same time, there are also wood types where you can see how you can mix up your home environment for a bit.

These are just some examples of what you can use wood products for. However, do you know how to take care of wood products? Do you know how to maintain it properly? Although most modern-day wood products have been chemically treated or grown to be termites resistant, it’s still prone to some natural problems. Here are some ways how you can maintain it properly.

How Do You Maintain Your Wood Products?

Wood material and its products are prone to natural problems. Here are some ways you can maintain your products made from wood material.

a. Make sure your wood products are dry most times

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As mentioned previously, most modern-day wood products are chemically treated to absorb natural element better. However, there are times where you may need to use water to clean your furniture. Apply a bit of water to your wooden furniture (if it’s a piece of furniture) and wipe the dirty spot away.

Or sometimes a damp piece of cloth should be sufficient to wipe away that sticky spot. People always say to never use water, as it may make the wood piece bloat. Contrary to popular belief, water is a good cleaning agent to clean wood.

b. Air elements and wood items

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Air elements tend to be good for wood products and items somehow. However, placing your wood items in an air-conditioned location may spoil your wood products or wood material.

Aerating and cooling is a form of drying method. It will draw the additional dampness from the timber making it recoil and conceivably distort. Hence, it’s vital to never place your timber furniture straightforwardly underneath or before an aerating and cooling vent. Try to place your wood material and wood items away from radiators, which may have a comparable impact.

c. Keep away from direct sunlight

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Placing wood items for a short period of time under direct sunlight is fine. However, placing it under direct sunlight for long periods of time can have adverse effects. Putting your wood items under direct sunlight may weaken the wood. The heat from the sunlight may cause it to become brittle. It can become too weak to use in construction, furniture making, and whatnot.

What Wood Services Can We Provide You With?

Misarma Enterprise is one of the few sellers of wood products and wood material. Our wood products range from raw timber to different customised final wood products. The wood products we sell are:

Based in Miri, Sarawak, you can find us if you ever need wood material. We’d be more than happy to provide.

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