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Our exclusive array is in high demand in the Malaysia market and is fabricated from the best grades of raw materials. Our wooden pallets are useful in holding products of varied sizes and quantity and conform to the international standards. Further these pallets are offered in market leading prices. To ensure the highest quality of products and to fulfill all the customers’ needs, our factory is equipped with the latest and the most comprehensive production systems and machineries for various kinds of wooden products manufacturing.

Acacia Mangium All wooden pallet are made of Acacia Mangium, an environmentally friendly hardwood from Malaysia forest farms which is well-known for its density and durability, making it highly suitable to use in furniture parts, both interior and exterior furniture, such as: Finger joint / butt joint wood, flooring / paneling wood, lamination board, Basin countertop, cutting board / chopping board, door plate, veneer, MDF Board, chalet & gazebo and more.The different pallet structures are listed below for your convenience. Each pallet is excellent for different purposes and transport needs

Pallet Types

Pallet Racking is designed to accommodate products of various shapes and sizes supported on pallets. The design of the pallet directly influences the design of the racking.

Pallets allow products to be moved mechanically; by FLT’s (fork lift trucks, hand pallet trucks, stacker cranes and conveyor systems. 

The top face of the pallet can be open or close boarded with provision for forks created by either blocks or bearers. The gap created is generally around 110mm.

Generally pallets stored on racking have to be good quality pallets (GKN Chep or simillar) with a perimeter base. 

Poor quality (one way) pallets are usually not strong enough to support the product on pallet racking and either timber decks or pallet support bars are required.

Two-way or Four-way Entry Pallets

Pallets are generally described as two-way entry or four-way entry pallets. Pallets accessed from two sides are two-way entry pallets whilst pallets accessed from all four sides are four-way entry pallets.

The construction of the pallet dictates whether it is two or four-way entry. A two-way pallet has solid bearers that prevent access from the sides of the pallet. 

A four-way pallet has bearers, or blocks, in each corner that enables access from either end or the sides of the pallet. The sides of a four-way, through which the load of the pallet truck can pass without leaving the ground, are known as “free entry sides”, the other sides where the trucks wheels have to pass over the pallets bottom slats are termed “restricted entry sides”.

Common pallets and how they come in handy

Pallets aren’t just pieces of wood nailed together, they are a critical element of your product packaging and logistics. Pallets allow a company to use air space in addition to floor space, reducing warehousing costs. Pallets reduce handling time with a savings in man hours and a decrease in overtime wages. Damage to goods may be totally eliminated with the installation of a palletization program. Savings from palletization average from 40 to 45 percent, with a range between 25 percent and as high as 80 percent. Mechanical material handling helps to cut down on personnel accidents often found with manual handling and lifting. Pilferage is reduced when individual items are strapped or wrapped to pallets in unitized bonded loads.

Wooden Pallet Types

Two-way Pallet

Four-way Pallet

Wooden Plank / Sawn Timber

We supply and export sawn timber species of Acacia Mangium. This species is originated from Sarawak Malaysia. It is well known as highly durable wood and suitable for warehouse.

Woodworking Team & Machinery

Our Management & production lines features competent builders who are led by a core team of dedicated and highly experienced staffs who are consistently proven themselves in promoting the growth and success of the company.


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