Labor and Human Rights Policy

“Respect for human rights is expressed in our company’s workplace policies and practices”

Misarma Group of Companies is committed to respecting and protecting human rights, supporting fair labor practices and prohibiting forced labor, child labor, human trafficking and slavery across our company policies.

Respect for human rights is expressed in our company’s workplace policies and practices, including the following:

1.0 Freely-Chosen Employment

1.1      Employment at Misarma Group of Companies is freely chosen. We do not use forced, bonded, involuntarily labor, compulsory labor or slave labor.

1.2      Employment relationships are voluntary and based on mutual consent, without the threat of a penalty.

1.3      No person shall be unlawfully detained for employment, and no personal documentation is confiscated during employment.

2.0 Child Labor Prohibition

2.1       Child labor is strictly prohibited and shall not be used under any circumstance.

2.2       Misarma Group of Companies hiring process ensures that all associates meet the minimum age requirement set by local laws.

2.3       The minimum age requirement for recruitment is 21 years old and above.

3.0 Working Hours, Wages and Benefits

3.1       Misarma Group of Companies compensates competitively according to the local labor market.

3.2       Misarma Group of Companies do not exceed the maximum number of days and hours set by local law.

4.0 Non-Discrimination

4.1       Misarma Group of Companies is an Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) employer. We hire, pay and promote based on an individual’s qualifications, skills, ability to do the required work, merit and overall potential.

4.2       We do not discriminate based on sex, race, color, gender, sexual preference, age, religion, national origin, disability (mental and physical), or any other classification protected by applicable federal, state or local law.

5.0 Freedom of Association

5.1       Misarma Group of Companies recognizes in the locations where we operate, employees have rights to freely associate or not associate with third party labor organizations, along with the right to bargain or not bargain collectively in accordance with local laws.

5.2       Misarma Group of Companies is committed to creating an environment of open communication where employees can speak with their managers about their ideas, concerns or problems and work together to address workplace issues.