Wood Veneer

Wood Veneer

Wood veneer is made from real wood, which means it has a natural grain and texture that’s hard to replicate with other materials. Wiid Veneer is often made from sustainably sourced which makes it a more environmentally friendly choice than other materials.

Misarma Enterprise offers the best quality wood veneer for our clients that can be used for a variety of applications including furniture, cabinetry, and decorative accents.

Our products are developed to meet customer demands. Wood veneer is often more durable than other materials, which can make it a smart investment for consumers who are looking for products that will last a long time.

Wood Veneer Species

Eucalyptus Veneer

Eucalyptus veneer is often found in curly figure. A clear coat of oil-based polyurethane helps the curly eucalyptus wood veneer look incredible. The Eucalyptus veneer is known for its exotic, shimmering ripple effect in its grain.

Pine Veneer

Pine is a softwood, lightweight and it is easy to work with. It is a pale yellow or sometimes comes in light brown-amber close to a creamy white colour. It has a smooth texture and porous grains. A clear coat is the best way to keep the wood's natural beauty.