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Successful Wooden Pallets Delivery

We have just successfully delivered a huge order of wooden pallets to one of our main clients Shell Malaysia. This time is a delivery to one of their location at…

Woodwork Ideas That Are Great To Have

Stylize your interiors and exteriors with these creative woodwork ideas! There are so many woodwork ideas going around it’s so hard to pick which ones are the best. We have…

Reasons Why You Need Woodwork

Woodwork Essentials For Your Everyday Needs   Woodwork is perhaps one of the skills that not many people have. It’s a great essential skill to have as it brings many…

Common Logging Methods in Malaysia

And the Machineries Used in Logging There are several common types of logging methods found in Malaysia. Logging, or it generally is known as commercial logging is a more common…

Misarma Enterprise: Types of Fumigation

And The Chemicals Use In Different Fumigation Types There are several types of fumigation that are commonly used by fumigation companies. We have previously talked about why fumigation is important…

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