Misarma Enterprise Sdn Bhd


Misarma Enterprise Sdn Bhd (MSM) is a Malaysian privately-owned and well-established company since 2009 that engages in construction, marine and oil & gas related industry. It is located at a privately-owned wharf where its strategic location is situated alongside the Miri Baong river. Nesides the mother company are its subsidiary companies: Misarma Marine Sdn Bhd and Misarma Supply Sdn Bhd which focused on different sectors respectively. The Company has inaugurated its head office in Miri, Sarawak and has rapidly expanded its business to Bintulu (Sarawak) and Kuala Lumpur.

Misarma Enterprise is specialized in timber and engineering sector to provide its client with a variety of services. The main goal is to offer clients with one-stop services by providing the necessary equipment and services. We also provide a wide range of repair, installation and maintenance-related services for marine vessels. Besides that, we also provide deck and engineering services by keeping our workshop and wharf in close proximity to maximize quick and flexible services to our clients 

We offer services as follows:

Quality Borneo Timber and Wood Product

Misarma Timber and Woodworking is a leading timber supply in Miri, Sarawak. It is also a company that process timber products in Malaysia.  Our services range from timber supply and exports to plywood and veneer production. We also manufacture wooden pallets, which is done locally at our factories.

On top of that, we believe that forest conservation is a vital part in order to sustain mother nature. Misarma actively involves in reforestation to ensure the Borneo tropical rainforests are kept in continuous existence for the future generation. Our company does a number of planting and re-planting programs that not only allows for future harvesting, but also for rehabilitation purposes.

Our Services

Export of Timber Log

Misarma has competitive edge of systematically tracking the chain of custody of its timber and wood-based products, from the forest floor to the consumer’s door


Fumigation is a method of pest control that completely fills an area with fumigants to remove the pests within.

Wooden Pallet

Misarma is the leading manufacturer and supplier of Wood Pallets in Miri. We are known for expertise in wooden pallets and its carrying sizes and quantity

Wood Veneer

Misarma offer the highest quality of wood veneer that can be used for a variety of application such as furniture, cabinetry and decorative accents


Misarma offer a variety type of plywood for various application such as Construction, woodworking, and furniture-making

Sawn Timber

Misarma offers a wide range of sawn timber. Sawn Timber is durable and reliable material that can withstand heavy load and extreme weather conditions.

Ask about our FSC™ – certified products at enquiry@misarma.com