Misarma Enterprise Sdn Bhd


Misarma Enterprise Sdn Bhd (MSM) is a wholly private Malaysia-owned and well-established company since 2009 engaging in construction, marine and oil & gas related industry. It is located at a wholly owned private wharf which, strategic location alongside the Miri Baong river, standing with it’s affiliate companies, Misarma Marine Sdn Bhd and Misarma Supply Sdn Bhd which focused on different sector. The establishment inaugurated as head office in Miri, Sarawak has rapidly expanded its business to Bintulu (Sarawak) and Kuala Lumpur

Misarma Enterprise is specialise in timber and engineering sector to provide its client with variety of services. The main goal is to offer clients with one-stop services by provind necessary equipment and services. We also provide wide range of repair, installation and maintenance services for marine vessel, deck and engineering by keeping our workshop and wharf in close proximity to maximize quick and flexible service to our clients 

We offer services as follows:

Our Services

Marine Engineering

Misarma Marine Technical team is a group of well trained personnels which specialized on provides variety of marine repair and maintenance services

Design & Fabrication

Our skilled team of engineers, fabricators and technicians will deliver your project on time while providing the highest level of quality

Lifting Gear

We provide overall lifting gear services from fabrication, repair, supply and inspection to ensure safe and successful lifting operations

Civil Engineering

Misarma Civil Engineering department are well trained personals which specialized on provides variety of civil engineering service and project

Container Rental Service

Our container designed and fabricated according to EN 12079 standards with annual TUV Nord inspection and re-certification

Export of Timber Log

Misarma has competitive edge of being systematically track the chain of custody of its timber and wood-based products, from the forest floor to the consumer’s door

Plywood and Veneer

Our plywood and veneer are being offered from our manufacturing bases in Malaysia. Our timber products are always a better choice in green building industry

Wooden Pallet

Misarma is the leading manufacturers and suppliers of Wood Pallets in Miri know for expertise for wooden pallets that are varied in sizes and quantity