Unveiling the Advantages: Exploring the Benefits of Wood Fumigation

Did you know about fumigation?

Fumigation is one of the most effective techniques of pest control that involves using chemical gasses or fumes to eliminate insects, rodents, and other unwanted organisms not only on the wood but also in building or storage areas. Wooden items, including furniture and packaging materials must experience fumigation first before being exported.

Misarma Enterprise not only focused on wood fumigation but also container and vessel fumigation. Wood fumigation is conducted by entrapping the wood or timber with a gas proof fumigation tarp and sand snaked around all of the edges or covered with an air-tight tarpaulin sheet. Container and vessel fumigation ensures shipments are transported safely and without risk of contamination. Container fumigation is done efficiently through a safe and dry disinfection process using methyl bromide gas. The fumigated sites must be isolated within 5 meters. Meanwhile, vessel container is done by exposing the entire vessel to a gaseous pesticide to eliminate the pests and their eggs. Pest infestation is not uncommon onboard vessels and ships, especially in eliminating rats.

Fumigation treatment has demonstrated to be feasible and a profoundly well-known treatment choice for sanitisation. In order to play down worldwide trade, a few nations may endorse import necessities based on risk evaluation that are connected to wood commodities. It is planning to diminish the probability of moving pests from trading to bringing in countries (Allen, Ormsby, & Nosewort, 2017). Let’s explore on the benefits of fumigation:


1.        Pests Eradication

The fumigation process successfully eliminates pests such as termites, wood borers, creepy crawlies, and parasites that can overrun and harm wooden items. The substitution of wooden items may result in expensive repairs or replacements if they are uncontrolled and disrupted by these bugs. Hence, fumigation makes a difference in protecting the quality and strength of wooden items as well as preventing the spread of pests to other areas, which is crucial in reducing the necessity of extra treatments in future.


2.        It can cover ‘hard-to-reach’ places.

The chemical gasses utilised are able to reach each alcove and corner of the subject area including the cracks, hole and higher surfaces where the termites make their colonies.


3.        Fumigation is quick and effective.

Fumigation is an easy way to control pests. Once the fumigation preparation is completed and the suitable methods are taken after, the range or commodities can be securely reoccupied or utilised, where it usually takes an overnight. This allows minimal disruptions and reduces downtime related to pests control. 


4.        Costs and time effectiveness

Fumigation is one of the strategies that spares a significant sum of costs and time within the long run. Despite its higher introductory costs, fumigation is most effective in killing termites in a long run and do not incur the costs of frequent termite control. On the other hand, fumigation could be a comprehensive and long-lasting solution to termite issues.

Overall, fumigation is an incredible choice for controlling pests in both residential and commercial facilities. Misarma Enterprise Sdn. Bhd. not only provides this exceptional service but also delivers it with specialised expertise. For more information on our fumigation services, do not hesitate to contact us at enquiry@misarma.com.