Introduction of Company​

Misarma Enterprise Sdn Bhd (MSM) is a wholly private Malaysia-owned and a well-established company since the year 2009, engaging in Construction, Marine and Oil & Gas related industry. It is located at a wholly owned private wharf which, strategic location alongside the Miri Baong River, standing with its affiliate companies, Misarma Marine Sdn Bhd and Misarma Supply Sdn Bhd. The establishment inaugurated as head office in Miri, Sarawak has quickly expanded its business to Bintulu (Sarawak), Federal Territory of Labuan and Kuala Lumpur.

Misarma Marine Sdn. Bhd. (MMSB) is a local owned-Malaysia marine company and registered in Miri, year 2015. Misarma Marine provides a wide and fast growing range of Oil and Gas related shipping solutions for our clients in business.

Incorporated in 2006, Misarma Supply Sdn Bhd (MSSB) was formerly known as CJ Offshore Industrial Supply Sdn Bhd. Initially doing supply to the oil & gas industry, we then moved to the maritime industry; the upstream and downstream clients and then on to industrial supplies on shore.


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Our Vision​

Aspires as a preferred services partner in oil & gas and mining industry by delivering world-class standard of services, reinforcing world-wide corporate alliances, and upholding top-tier quality and ethical standards as the firm's backbone of progressive growth

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Our Mission

Providing tradition of excellence services exceeding our clients expectations and recognized locally and abroad through:

  • Building Robust Client Loyalty: Generate a loyal customer base via full integration with client-driven alliances
  • Empowering Effective Corporate Communication: Develop collaborative communication networking channels to inspire to reach out for their full potential
  • Endorsing Proactive Planning: Design the blueprint for future development and secure sustained strategic repositioning to effectively maneuver rapidly fluctuating global, regional, and local market conditions