Work Quality Begins from the Clothes You Wear

One crucial support system that is often overlooked in the workplace is the importance of wearing proper attire.

This is particularly significant for those working in construction sites especially, where Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) becomes an integral part of their daily routine, akin to their second skin. PPE plays a vital role in minimising exposure to various hazards which could lead to severe workplace injuries and illnesses. Not just clothing, PPE encompasses an array of essential gear such as gloves, safety glasses, footwear, hats, respirators, and even earplugs to ensure comprehensive protection for workers on the job. Table below listed the commonly used PPE and their functions in the construction industry.


Table 1 List of commonly used PPE and their functions in the construction industry

 (Wong T. K. M, Man S.S and Chan A. H. S, 2020)

PPE Function
Safety helmet Avoid head injury
Eye protectors Protect eyes from dust particles, flying chips, smoke and chemical splattering
Ear protectors Protect ears from high levels of noise
Mark and respirator Protect from inadequate oxygen supply, presence of toxic gases. harmful particles and viruses in air
Protective gloves Avoid hand injury
Safety belts Fall protection for working at heights
Safety footwear Avoid foot injury and slipping on wet floors
Protective clothing Physical protection and increase comfort level

In Malaysia, the Government has taken proactive measures by establishing various platforms such as the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), the Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB), and the Department of Occupational Safety and Health (DOSH). These institutions aim to enhance and regulate construction industry to attain global competitiveness. Notably, one of the key initiatives is enforcing the mandatory use of relevant PPE in workplaces.

This mandatory requirement is not imposed without purpose. Based on the statistics from DOSH, it is reported that one in ten workers at construction sites sustains injuries annually making this sector rank third with respect to high accident rates. The number of accidents has been increasing, with 140 deaths reported in 2015 and a significant rise to 3911 accidents resulting in 169 deaths in 2018 (Ghazali, Yusof, and Mukhtar, 2022). Surprisingly, the number of occupational injuries has shown a decline in recent years, with 21534 cases reported in 2021 from 32674 in 2020 (DOSH 2022). Nonetheless, Malaysia being one of the fastest-growing countries, is equally susceptible to facing such risks.

Despite these statistics being made accessible and emphasized at the workplace, certain individuals are still hesitant and feel uncomfortable to don the necessary gear. They believe that wearing PPE will hinder their work performance. This perception contradicts the finding by Tadesse and Israel in 2016 which reported that workers who consistently adhere to wearing PPE have a 60% lower likelihood of experiencing injuries in comparison to those who fail to use it. Moreover, this situation could impose stress on those responsible for enforcing compliance among workers. Fret not, here are FOUR WAYS TO ENCOURAGE YOUR TEAM TO WEAR PPE!

While PPE cannot guarantee the prevention of accidents, it certainly has the capability to diminish the likelihood of their occurrence. In essence, at Misarma Supply Sdn Bhd (MSSB), our commitment extends beyond mere encouragement of prioritizing safety. We also deliver the utmost quality in PPE that prioritizes safety for all. Feel free to contact us for inquiries at if you’re interested in purchasing PPE! 😊

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