Export Of Timber Log

Export of Timber Log

Misarma is a multinational forest resource and wood products company with a comprehensive supply chain:

a. Downstream manufacturing facilities

b. Global product distribution network

As a fully integrated timber company, Misarma has the competitive edge of being able to systematically track the chain of custody of its timber and wood-based products, from the forest floor to the consumer's door. Sustainable forest management remains at the heart of the business. As a long term player, Misarma is committed to safeguarding its precious forest resources. The Group also continuously explores opportunities to expand its forest land bank to meet future demand for downstream operations and export markets.
Our products are developed to meet varying customer demands, which currently calls for converting logs into sawn timber, plywood and veneer. The Group has timber production facilities for our downstream products are located in Malaysia. We convert the wood residue from our plywood and sawn timber operations into panel products such as fibreboard and door facings. In addition, we also use some of the wood residue as fuel for the generation of electricity in our power plants. The natural resource we manage is precious, and we make every effort to maximise the use and optimise the value of our resources. 

Our Log Species

Acacia Mangium

Originated from Sarawak Malaysia. Among its common usage are for furniture manufacturing and cabinet, door framework, moulding wood, light construction and pulp & paper.