Understanding why a quality timber is important.

Malaysia’s contribution to the timber quality

The timber industry plays a role in the contribution to the Malaysian economy for more than a decade. It provides a significant foreign exchange earnings, value added, employment opportunities and state government revenue. Logging activity can be said an important activity or industry in Malaysia as one of the tropical countries. As said, tropical countries have good quality of tree species which ca produce high quality of timbers. So good qualities of timber can help to boost the economy.

Why good quality timber is important?

Timber is the type of wood used for construction, primarily for structural support such as beams and pillars. Timber usually comes from matured tress that has been cut down into beams and planks. However, timber needs to have certain qualities to be able to fulfil its functions. Qualities include factors such as resistance to degradation, dry rot, termites, wet rot etc. Some timber can last for hundreds of years, some may need to stay dry, and some timber can withstand wet or damp conditions better than other ones.  Timber is commonly used for furniture making and building houses. Therefore, timber is in high demand to be use as building material as well as for furniture making so that furniture can last long.

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Misarma Timber and Woodworking is a leading timber supply in Miri, Sarawak. We are also a company that process timber in Malaysia. Our services ranges from timber supply and exports to plywood and veneer production to manufacturing wooden pallets from our own factories.

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Not only that, we at Misarma believe that forest conservation is a vital part to sustain mother nature. We as a company actively involves in reforestation to ensure the Borneo tropical rainforest are kept in continuous existence for the future generations. There are numerous planting and replanting programs that allows for future harvesting and rehabilitation purposes.

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