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There are plenty of wooden pallet suppliers around Miri. A lot of companies sell and re-sell wooden pallets for varying prices and sizes. Here at Misarma, we also sell wooden pallets and are a wooden pallet supplier.

It’s probably unheard of or is a rare thing to do in Miri – how people are using wooden pallets as home or store refurbishment. You are less likely to find a lot of stores or homes in Miri using wooden pallets. As wooden pallets are usually used by shipping companies, traders, and grocery stores.

However, you can also use wooden pallets for your homes too. Many times, it does give your home a rustic feel and look too. All you have to do is to look for a wooden pallet supplier to help you with it.

Durability of Wooden Pallets

People often have this thinking that wooden pallets don’t last very long. All because it is made of wood. And people have this thinking that wood is stereotypically not firm or strong enough.

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They may be right to a certain extent, but not entirely right. Popular to contrary belief, wooden pallets are quite durable if not long-lasting.

The reason being those wooden pallets are often made from hardwoods or woods from hard timber trees. They can last a lot longer than how some people expect them to be. There are little to no need for you to worry over whether if they are able to last long or not.

At the same time, if your wooden pallets ever break, you can always “renew” them. By “renewing” them, it means that you are able to upcycle them by recycling the un-broken parts.

Easy Replacement of Wooden Pallets

Basically, what people usually do is to replace the broken parts with un-broken parts. They can cannibalize the un-broken parts from un-broken pallets, and replace it. People usually keep doing that until the wooden parts can no longer be used.

Wooden pallets are easy to replace just like that.

Common Uses of Wooden Pallets

Wooden pallets are commonly used by shipping agencies and transportation companies. They will usually need a large number of those wooden pallets to transport cargoes. Those cargoes usually are sent to destinations that are quite far away. However, you can also find land transportation services using them to transport goods by trucks, lorries, and whatnot. As a wooden pallet supplier, we are more than ready to serve.

Sometimes, you may even find people using wooden pallets for store or business decorations. It’s no big surprise that wooden pallets have found its uses outside of transportation purposes too. Given how a lot of hipsters love the idea of having a rustic business interior, then this is where it has found its place in interior décor.

Businesses usually use them for tables and chairs. Sometimes, they may use it as store dividers. They can use wooden pallets for a myriad of purposes.

Home uses of Wooden Pallets

The same way how people also use wooden pallets in their homes. They can choose to use wooden pallets as their beds. Or for their bedframes. They may even use wooden pallets as a coffee table or a dining table. Again, they may use it as dividers or sectionals. Or they may even choose to use it as a decorative platform in their interiors.

Sometimes, it’s normal to see people use wooden pallets in their home exteriors. For example, they may use it as part of their gazebo, walkways, and even as a playground for their kids. They can also choose to use wooden pallets for gardening purposes too. It’s a common use at home for many people.

However, keep in mind that people can choose to re-use wooden pallets in transportation companies, home usage, and even in businesses. People don’t necessarily need to always buy new just for the sake of transporting their goods 1 time. Neither does everyone want to buy new wooden pallets for the sake of re-decorating their homes and businesses?

People can choose to either buy new or re-use the wooden pallets. There are also people who bought 2nd hand or re-furbished wooden pallets to use for their businesses and homes.

Pros and Cons of Wooden Pallets

Like everything out there, there are advantages and disadvantages to using it. It’s no different with wooden pallets. Here are some common benefits and downsides to using wooden pallets.


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a. It has many uses

This is perhaps one of the best benefits provided by every wooden pallet. It can be used for shipping purposes, transportation purposes, and many other trade tenacities. You can just not use it for transportation and other trade purposes. You can even use it for home and business interior/exterior designs.

b. Comparatively cheaper than plastic and metal pallets

This is pretty self-explanatory. Wooden pallets are not as durable, and may not last as long as its metal and plastic counterparts. That much is true. However, there are ways to make your wooden pallets last longer.

If you are to up-cycle, refurbish your wooden pallets, and whatnot. Then the life term of your average wooden pallet will be a lot longer when compared to its plastic and metal counterparts. That will also be a contributing reason to it being a lot cheaper than plastic and metal wooden pallets.

c. Lasts longer than metal and plastic wooden pallets

Coming from previous points, we don’t see how any less obvious this is gonna get. People may say it doesn’t last very long. They may not be wrong. However, with refurbishment and upcycling, the wooden pallets can last just as long, if not longer.


Wooden Pallets
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Top wooden pallet image credits to Canva

a. More prone to breaking

It’s no big surprise that wood breaks easier than plastic and metal. If let’s say, it falls from quite a substantial height, it will splinter to unusable pieces. You may not even be able to upcycle or refurbish it if it were broken to several unpickable pieces.

b. Subject to natural elemental exposures

It simply means that if you’ve left your wooden pallets out exposed to rain, wind, heat and other natural elements, it may break. If it’s exposed for a short amount of time, with a small amount of exposure, then it’s generally still “forgivable”. The only times when it is deemed “unforgivable” is when it has been left exposed to natural elements for a very long time. That means it’s quite likely to be subjected to natural elements.

c. Can get wasteful when not recycled properly

This is one of the problems with wooden pallets. A lot of times when it breaks beyond repairability, people tend to throw them away. They will usually fill them up in landmasses to be left to rot away. Sometimes they may send these wooden pallets to a wooden pallet graveyard to rot away. It depends.


The bottom line is that wooden pallets have many uses. You can find wooden pallet suppliers anywhere in Miri, although they aren’t really around and as ubiquitous. We are a wooden pallet supplier in Miri. So if you ever need some, we are a wooden pallet supplier ready to serve you.

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