4 Wooden Pallet Ideas For Your Business

Rustic But Functional Wooden Pallet Ideas For Your Workplace Wooden pallets have so many useful functions. They are often used for shipping purposes. Sometimes export-import companies use them for transportation purposes. You may find companies using wooden pallets for creative home uses Read More

Wood Products: 5 Great Ideas

Proven Products That Are Beneficial To Anyone We have stressed from time and time again that wood product is versatile. Wood products’ adaptability is the reason why many industries and users have continuously made use of it. Take a look at your Read More

5 Reasons Why You Need Pest Control

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Wooden Pallet Supplier in Miri

Cargo Pallets: Miri Supplier There are plenty of wooden pallet suppliers around Miri. A lot of companies sell and re-sell wooden pallets for varying prices and sizes. Here at Misarma, we also sell wooden pallets and are a wooden pallet supplier. It’s Read More

[Wood Profile] What You Need To Know: Belian

Belian is one of the less-common timber woods that we export. But we still export it nonetheless. The Belian tree is native to a lot of South East Asian countries, including Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, among others. Its timber is said to Read More