Versatility of Our Wood Products

Versatility of Our Wood Products

We Provide Only The Best Wood Products

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Have you ever wondered how and why wood products are versatile yet adaptable? People are often put off by wood products for valid reasons. “Breakable” and “not long-lasting” are just some of the reasons provided.

Contrary to such belief, wood products last a lot longer than they are perceived. Traditionally, wood may not last as long as plastic or metal. Given that “by logic” wood decays and breaks easily when smashed.

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However, we have previously touched on the pros and cons of wood(en pallets) here in this article. Plastic can break easily if you were to drop it from a very tall height. Metal may break, if not bent when dropped from a tall height either.

What Are Wood Products Used For?

Wood products can be used for many things. Here are just a few examples.

1. Wooden Pallets

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Wood products can be made into wooden pallets of any sizes. Wooden pallets are traditionally used for shipping purposes. Sometimes you may see retail stores using wooden pallets too.

If you are ever interested in getting wooden pallets from us, we are always happy to sell them at an agreed price. You can request for customizable sizes for the wooden pallets you want. However, note that the price may matter depending on the size you want. The prices may also differ as wood prices change seasonally.

2. Interior Décor

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It’s very common to see people using wood for interior décor. You can commonly find people using veneer wood for their floorings. It’s pretty common to see furniture made of wood also.

Wooden interior décor usually exudes a rustic and homely atmosphere. Or it may reflect classic and timelessness. It depends on how the interior décor is being designed in such a way to express the time period.

3. Plywood Manufacturing

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Wood products can also be used to make plywood. Plywood is traditionally made for floorings or floorboards. However, occasionally you may see people using plywood to make pupil study tables and study chairs.

Plywood is usually thin slices of wood boards stuck together to make plywood. It may seem weak and dinghy but we can assure you that it’s not. Plywood tends to have high strength durability and makes for steady furniture. You may expect it to come in high strength to weight ratio too.

4. Wood Accessories

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Wood products can (for obvious reasons) be made into wood accessories. You can often see boxes made of wood, wood chips made into pinboards, and many more. Here at Misarma Enterprise, we are able to make wooden boxes to your requested sizes. These customizable wooden boxes are subject to different pricing. Expect the pricing to change and differ due to – international timber pricing and customization requests.

5. Timber

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Not necessarily a final wood product, but where the original sources are at. Timber is a common wood product sought after by many industrial companies. It can be for structuring purposes, construction, and many other purposes.

Timber prices can vary and differ from region to region. It can also depend on international prices. So do not expect to stay the same price forever (or even long-term for that matter). Here at Misarma Enterprise, we also sell timber products. Should you need any timber products, do not hesitate to contact us.

Misarma Enterprise: Supplier of Wood Products

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Do you know that Misarma Enterprise is a supplier of wood products? We are one of the leading suppliers of wooden pallets, timber, and other wood items (raw or final otherwise). Feel free to contact us at the following contact points:

Address: Lot 2075, Jalan Disa, Krokop, 98000, Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia

Working Hours:  Monday-Friday – 8am to 5pm; Saturday 8am to 12pm

Telephone Number: +6085 416 320 / +6085 433 101


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