Misarma Wharf

In 1974, the formation of Malaysian oil and gas company PETRONAS led to co-operation between PETRONAS and Shell on oil exploration in the Miri region. Sarawak Operations (SKO) has tendered projects all around Miri Sea Water. As an enhancement for shipping and marine industry, the projects had become a market boomer. As there are numerous of PETRONAS project on going at Miri Sea Water, it shows there is a demand for a marine wharf to act as a supporting centre for all relevant operations. Derived by the increasing installation and operation of offshore activities in Miri Sea Water, the demand for reliable services, appropriate storage and handling areas and fast access to safe berths increase as well. Nevertheless, the famous Baong River also known as Miri River plays a major role as a transit for loading operation, berthing, repair and maintenance services and others related matters to shipping industries. Most importantly, it serves as the main route for vessels to gain entry and exit into Miri River and also a central point of vessels berthing support.



Misarma Marine Wharf is strategically located alongside Baong River, measuring a total length of 140 meters with 3 meters minimum alongside depth. The wharf is operational 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It is mainly used by vessels for loading and unloading, repairing, bunkering, waste discharging and supply purposes and as well as crew change. Currently, we are pleased to extend our services to our major clients which are Sarawak Shell Sdn Bhd (SSB) and JX Nippon Oil and Gas Exploration (Malaysia) Limited. In enhancing our services to clients, our terminal and wharf layout are well designed to meet the standards or requirement from our clients. Misarma Marine Wharf offers more than meets the eyes. We provide variety of services and facilities. This has placed Misarma Marine among the preferred location for vessels to berth or dock before proceeding to the next destination.