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You’ve heard of fumigation services. You may have known about Miri fumigation services available. But you wouldn’t know which one provides the best for you. Having said that, we are happy to say that we do indeed provide fumigation services. In Miri.

Many Miri fumigation services claim that they are the best. However, how far are you willing to trust what they say? We can also easily claim how we are one of the best Miri fumigation services too, but hey – no results, no happy client base, right?

We know what we are doing. That’s what sets us apart from every Miri fumigation services. Having said that, let us enlighten you what Miri fumigation services such as us do:

Fumigation Services Miri: What We Do

The general idea that everyone gets about us is that we do fumigation services. Anything to do with pest control, pest removal, land fumigation, we’ll help you out with it – as it is under our available services.

It’s exceedingly important for you to fumigate your areas and perimeters. That way pests are not able to over-infest and eat away at your compounds.

What’s even in more dire need of fumigation services is when you have wood items within your compound. It didn’t matter if it is wood pallets and timbers in your workplace. Or how you have wooden furniture in your premises. As long as your premises have been infested by termites and pests or not, there’s a pretty high chance that it will eat away at your wood items.

We are also a Malaysia Fumigation Accreditation Scheme (MAFAS), Australia Fumigation Accreditation Scheme (AFAS), International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures No.15 (ISPM-15) accredited fumigation company.

Put your pest problems to sleep. Contact us for all your fumigation needs.

Different Kinds of Fumigation Services

Fumigation services miri
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Our fumigation services are divided into 2 categories: quarantined and non-quarantined fumigation.

Quarantined Fumigation

Quarantined fumigation is often done in open spaces. Fumigation services such as container fumigation and vessel fumigation.

Container fumigation generally means that we’d disinfect the containers with chemicals before re-using them again. We usually use methyl bromide and phosphine chemicals to remove any possible pest infections on the containers. However, methyl bromide is more widely used for disinfecting containers. It’s done in open air for pretty obvious reasons.

We also use methyl bromide when disinfecting our ships. When a ship is infected with pests (rats, critters, lizards, etc.) it’ll be a great idea to fumigate accordingly. This is also done in open air for obvious reasons. Absolutely nobody is allowed to board the fumigated ships until the fumigators-in-charge states otherwise.

Non-Quarantined Fumigation

Non-quarantined fumigation’s idea basically is similar to quarantined fumigation. Items will be fumigated to prevent critters from consuming your items. Non-quarantined fumigation is usually for commodities. However, before you fumigate your commodities, quarantined fumigation has to be taken out first to make sure that there are no prior infestations.

Non-quarantined fumigation can be divided into 3 different categories: commodity fumigation, general pest control, and disinfection services.

Interested In Our Fumigation Services?

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