Ship Chartering & Management

Misarma Marine ship chartering team can find the precise vessel, in the exact position, at the correct time to help you get your cargo to its final destination. We provide offshore ship chartering and operation services to our client that operate within the Malaysia waters. With the accessible Misarma wharf, ship can dock safely when  client anchoring in Miri city.

Our staff experience and the relationships we have built over the decades we have been in business, allow us to deliver unsurpassed shipping chartering and operation services.

Ship Chartering & Operation

Misarma Marine is a specialised ship chartering/manager offering services to our esteemed customers who are engaged in operations and maintenance on offshore oil & gas installations, production rigs and facilities.

Since the initial operation of our company, we have formed strong relationship with shipyards and ship owners. This gives our company access to wide range of vessels such as;

Ship Charting & Operation

  • Chartering Fast Crew Boat
  • Anchor Handling Tug Supply Vessel (AHT/AHTS)
  • Accommodation Work Barge (AWB/DP2 AWB/Mooring AWB)
  • Towing Tug/Tug Boat
  • Flat Top Barge/Transportation Barge
  • Workboat Vessels
  • Dive Support Vessels

Chartering Fast Crew Boat

Misarma Marine offers chartering service for fast crew boats. A fast crew boat is a mini ship that specialize in transportation od offshore support crew, deck cargo, and below-deck cargo such as fuel and potable water. The crew boat will transport such items to and from of the offshore installations such as oil platforms, drilling rigs, drill, and dive ships, or even wind farms. Our latest chartered service for fast crew boat is the MV Surya Kelang which was from September 2022 to November 2022.

Personalised Services to Client Needs

We aim to provide the highest standards of service to our customers at strategically located ports within Malaysia. Our company has a skillful blend of technical ability combined with business acumen which has made it renowned for its ability to manage specialised vessels profitably and efficiently. As a specialised ship manager, we offer a professionally organised shore based management team which is geared to work closely with owners to achieve the common goal of high quality operations. 

In addition, we can also enter into joint ventures with vessel owners to secure the best suited vessels to match clients’ needs. We established a strong foundation of corporate governance and business integrity, and we adhere to the highest level of safety throughout our operations.

If your are interested in finding out more about Misarma Marine full range of ship type and our ship chartering service, give us a call today


MV Surya Kelang

Provision of Fast Crew Boat
Location: Brunei Darussalam
Campaign: Sept 2022 – November 2022