Who We Are

Misarma Group of Companies are a local reputable conglomerate that provides quality marine products and services sought after by shipping companies and offshore companies. It is a well-established group of companies that started out from its humble beginnings. Its team is made up of experienced leaders from other well-known companies.

Our products include the following:

  • Wood timber trading
  • Offshore and & onshore fresh water supply
  • Lifting equipment supply
  • Fabrication
  • Our services encompass the following scopes:
  • Civil construction and renovation
  • Metal work & fabrication
  • Loading & unloading services
  • Goods storage
  • Logistic & transportation
  • Waste handling
  • Lifting inspection services
  • Wharf facilities

Our wharf is strategically situated at a location by the Miri River where no ships can avoid passing by without seeing us and our dockyards at Kuala Baram. Misarma Group of Companies is one of the best stations for vessels to dock and getting all their needed repair and maintenance services. As we also provide berthing services, we also welcome loading and unloading of goods. We are more than ready to support you with all kinds of enquiries as well as after-sales servicing.

With many years of experience in the marine services and products, we understand your business needs other than mere quality products and services. We ensure that our services are made for excellence when you deal with us.

Our current wharf here at Misarma Group of Companies was once merely a port of vessels to load and unload client goods. That has, in recent years, provided broader horizons for businesses to load and unload more of their goods. Invested and developed really well, it provides the convenient supplies and services for your shipping and offshore needs.

At Misarma Group of Companies, our mission is to strive for customer satisfaction and fulfill their business desires to the maximum. All that without needing them to keep emphasizing what they really want and hence, never have to worry about always reminding what they want accomplished.

We actively work with our clients to find out what best fits their needs, and what services that can help with correcting whichever defects they need for. That way we can adjust our services accordingly to provide the appropriate services that fits right with their requirements.

We have several equipment and facilities that facilitates our clients with efficiency:

  • Dry Warehouse – 1000 sq ft
  • Opening Space Storage Area – 6000 sq ft
  • Woodworking Factory
  • Fabrication Workshop

Our Mission

We strive to provide our clients with excellent services by exceeding their expectations. We aim to be recognized locally and abroad through:

  • Building Full-bodied Client Loyalty: Generate a loyal customer base by fully-integrating with client-driven alliances
  • Wholly Invested in Effective Corporate Communication: By developing co-operative networking channels to maximize the Company’s full potential
  • Dynamic Planning: Competitively design blueprints for upcoming business development and servicing. To also competitively reposition the Company to navigate the ever-changing global, regional, and local market conditions effectively.
Our Vision

Aspires to be the contender and the first-choice service partner in the oil & gas and mining industries. Our vision to champion our company backbone of progressive growth revolves around the following:

  • Delivering world-class standard services
  • Reinforce world-wide corporate alliances
  • Upholding top-tier and ethical standards