Industrial Supplies​

We manufacture & supply custom-made items to industrial sector such as Oxygen Lance Tube (to be used in blast furnaces, basic oxygen furnace or induction/electric furnaces) Thermal Lance Tube (sometimes referred to as burning bar) and highly specialized Mining Drill Bit/Rod.

Our Product

Oxygen Lance Tube

Oxygen lance tube, are small diameter pipes used with oxygen is an invaluable tool for the primary metals industry. It is used daily in almost all ferrous and non-ferrous primary production facilities.

Thermal Lance Tube

A thermal lance tube is a tool that heats and melts steel in the presence of pressurized oxygen to create the very high temperatures (≥3600℃)required for cutting.

Tapping Drill Rod

Drill rod that are used for mining process and drilling through rocks

Tapping Drill Bit

Drill bit body is made of high quality steel; the head is made of special alloy through special welding processing. drill bit is widely used in all kinds of mining and rock engineering.

Rock Drill Bit

Mining and well drilling bits are boring tools that drill through and penetrate soft and hard rock materials.