Timber and Woodworking

Quality Borneo Timber and Wood Product

Misarma Timber and Woodworking is a leading timber supplier and also processed timber products company in Malaysia.  

Our services varies from timber supply and exports, plywood and veneer production and also the manufacturing of wooden pallets which is done locally at our factories.

On top of that, we believe that forest conservation is a vital part in order to sustain mother nature. 

Misarma involved in reforestation to ensure the Borneo tropical rainforests are continue to exist for the future generation. 

Our company does a number of planting and re-planting programs that not only allows for future harvesting, but also for rehabilitation purposes.

Wood Product

Timber Export

Misarma provide timber/log exportation from its vast supply to meet demands in both domestic and international markets

Plywood And Veneer

All of our plywood and veneer are manufactured in our base across Malaysia

Wooden Pallet

Our wooden pallet exclusive array is in high demand in the Malaysia market and is fabricated from the best grades of raw materials.

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