Reasons Why You Need Woodwork

Woodwork Essentials For Your Everyday Needs   Woodwork is perhaps one of the skills that not many people have. It’s a great essential skill to have as it brings many benefits to you. With woodworking skills, you are able to create many wood-related projects. Woodworking: A Background Classes in the “industrial arts” were first introduced […]

Misarma Timber & Woodworking

Timber and Woodworking Quality Borneo Timber and Wood Product Misarma Timber and Woodworking is a leading timber supply and also processed timber products company in Malaysia.   Our services varies from timber supply and exports, plywood and veneer production and also the manufacturing of wooden pallets which is done locally at our factories. On top of that, […]

[Wood Profile] What You Need To Know: Rubberwood

In this series of wood profile, we will talk about the rubberwood wood type. It’s a common export timber we sell to our clients. The wood type is a strong, flexible, fungus-resistant, bacteria, and easy to mould. Rubberwood is said to be compatible with the majority of industrial adhesives. They are easy to work with […]


Blog Full Range of Marine Service and Wood Products fall in love with our Articles Featured Articles Successful Wooden Pallets Delivery Misarma 10 November 2021 We have just successfully delivered a huge order of wooden pallets to one of our main clients Shell Malaysia. This time is a delivery to one of their location at… […]

Pros and Cons of Using Wood Pallets

Pros and Cons, and Wooden Pallets Upkeep When you heard the words “wooden pallets”, you’d imagine the wooden boards used by supply and transportation companies to transport goods to another place via sea routes. Whether if the shipping company uses wood pallet for transporting food and other perishable products, they will most certainly have to […]

Misarma Enterprise Sdn Bhd

Misarma Enterprise Sdn Bhd (MSM) is a wholly private Malaysia-owned and a well-established company since the year 2009

Company Information

About Us If you want to learn more about us, you’re in the right place. Read to learn how we managed to grow our business so fast. Mission We strive to provide our clients with excellent services by exceeding their expectations Vision Aspires to be the contender and the first-choice service partner in the oil & […]

Wooden Pallet

Misarma wooden pallet is fabricated from the best to economical grade of raw materials to meet client demand in Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia . Wooden pallet in Miri

About Us

Who We Are Misarma Group of Companies are a local reputable conglomerate that provides quality marine products and services sought after by shipping companies and offshore companies. It is a well-established group of companies that started out from its humble beginnings. Its team is made up of experienced leaders from other well-known companies. Our products […]