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Pest Infestations: Keeping The Varmints At Bay

Fumigation: Why You Need It

Some people call it fumigation. Some people call it pest control. Regardless of what people call it, its objective is the same. And that is to exterminate pests from the affected areas. After reading this article, you will certainly want to prevent pest infestations at your areas.

Pests can affect a lot of areas. However, they usually infest and affect wooden items more than it does other areas. That does not mean you won’t see pests infesting grassy areas or wherever.

How Do Pest Infections Happen?

Pest infestations can affect anywhere and anything. It can be internal and external in nature. A pest infestation can relate to the pests’ location and in relation to the host.

It all boils down to your location in reality. You can be staying at a marshland or a low-lying area. You’d experience a lot of termite infestation. At the same time, you may see your wooden furniture and items get eaten away easily. Generally, if your home or office is situated at a piece of wetlands, there’s a good chance that it may have termite infections.

Even though you are not living near or on wetlands, your building is still prone to infestations. There are ways to find out if your building is infested with pests. Having said that, it simply means that you need pest control or fumigation services.

Signs of Pest Infestation 

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Here are some signs to help you look out for pest infestations.

The buildup of Dirt and Grime

When you deal with pest infestations, you will notice dirt and grime buildup. This applies to your buildings, residential and commercial buildings otherwise. That dirt is usually brought in by rodents. That’s why your building looks dirtier than usual.

You can see more dirt, hair, and other natural elements brought in by the gnawers. Crumbs will be left in the corner. Your belongings may look like they have been eaten by something. Among many other things, that is.

Pest Droppings

This is perhaps one of many things that people often overlook. Rodents and other pests don’t leave behind excrements for anything. As soon as they are done eating away at your belongings, they are bound to take a dump somewhere. And that somewhere is usually your residential or commercial area.

Therefore, if you smell excrement or piss (or any bad smell for that matter), there’s a good chance that the building you are in is infested. Check the corners or less-visited areas of your building. There’s a good chance that it’s pest-ridden.

Strange, Funny Smells

You are bound to pick up some strange and funny smells at your home or workplace. Especially when it has been infested with pests. The foreign smells may not just be due to pest droppings. It can be due to pieces of food left behind by pests. Or it can be due to pests dying in your building and have been left to rot.

Damaged Fabrics

You can expect fabrics to be chewed away and have holes in them. Most likely that when they have nothing to eat, they will chew on the fabric as their food and sustenance. You may see holes, stains, scratch marks on furniture. Sometimes, you may even see holes in your clothes too.

More Damaged Items

You will see more than just damaged fabrics. Pests tend to do more than just eat away at your clothes. They can eat away at your furniture, your food, your storage items, and many more.

Sometimes the way these pests eat away at your items do more than what they just did. They may damage your entire item or belongings in the process. For example, your furniture. Pests may eat away at your furniture and render it useless. By useless, we mean that it may eat away your furniture to an extent you do not wish to refurbish it. To be fair, nobody will want to anyway. Since that it’s infested by germs and bacteria already.

Nesting Signs

It’s quite common to see rodents nesting in your home. They can choose to nest in the attic, in the roof crook and crannies, between walls, or just about any holes. The pests can even choose to nest behind your cabinets for all you know.

Ways You Can Prevent Pest Infestation

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Taking care of your building is one way of preventing pest infestations. Here are some good ways you can prevent pest infestation.

Sanitize Your Workplace and Homes

It’s a given that you should regularly sanitize your homes and workplace. No doubt about that. Use a strong sanitizer if you have to in order to prevent further pest infestations.

Keep Raw Materials Separately

If you keep raw materials where you live or work, it’s good to keep them separate. Keep them in a cool and air-tight area if you have the liberty to do so. Do not mix them with other raw materials. Try not to expose them to direct sunlight if you can.

Check All Incoming Material for Pest Infestations

It’s good to check all your incoming items and material for pest infestations. Make sure that they are thoroughly cleaned and checked through before being put away.

Having said all that, we should mention that you should totally check out our fumigation services. If you keep wood products and furniture, then here is a good chance for you to go for our fumigation services.

Reach out to our business executives today. We are sure that we are able to work something out just for you.


The bottom line is that pest infestations can happen to anyone, anywhere. It’s good to regularly take care of your items to prevent any infestations. However, if your items or area has been infested, it’s good to look for a fumigation service. Find us if you ever need fumigation needs.

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