Wharf Services

Wharf Services

The wharf have a total length of 140 meter with 2 meter minimum alongside depth, mainly used by cargo vessels for loading and unloading purpose as well as for alongside, repairing, waste discharging and supply purpose.

Misarma offer pilotage services for vessels entering & leaving the Miri river and approaching the Wharf at: Latitude 4°25’39”N Longititude 113°59’53E

Misarma offer tug services for berthing and unberthing of vessels.

Misarma offer 24 hours a day mooring services to safety secure vessels to the wharf.

Stevedoring & Handling
Misarma offer a professional and competitive marine crane lifting services. The service extends to various lifting equipment from the supply of a shackle or rigging set to a complex fly away package services of large pieces of equipment. All stevedores and equipment operators have to undergo qualifying tests before they are officially appointed to ensure efficient and effective transfer of goods through the port.

Bunkering services
Misarma provide high quality bunkering services delivering fuel and fresh water right at our footsteps where vessels are berthed at. The marine gas oil meets specific industrial standards and are of the most competitive prices and quality.

Storage Facilities
Misarma provides storage facilities for short to long-term rental that would be cost and time-saving between berthing operations when vessels are inshore.

What Misarma are able to offer are:
1.    Dry Warehouse – 1000 sq ft
2.    Opening Space Storage Area – 6000 sq ft
3.    Woodworking Factory
4.    Fabrication Workshop

24 Hours Security
Misarma wharf is equipped with 12 spotlights and 39 CCTV for enhanced security in the facility that is manned by a 5-man security team to provide round the clock security, to ensure the safety and well-being of client’s vessels, crew and any assets located in the rental area.

Night time operations are easily conducted with the availability of the spotlights