Fabrication & Engineering

MSM can Engineer, Fabricate & Machine designs, from new equipment layout and design to refurbishing existing equipment , structural & piping, MSM provides a wide range of solutions that will add value and exceed expectations for your project.
Our skilled staff of engineers, fabricators and millwrights will deliver your project on time while providing the highest level of quality possible. We have experience in a wide range of areas that include but are not limited to:
.    Modification & Fabrication of new structural
.     Build & Repair Containers
.    Modification & fabrication of new office container
.    Piping Modification & Fabrication
.    In-situ repair for marine vessel
.    Sea fastening services
.    Lathe Machining Services

We believe there’s a more efficient approach to every need, no matter the size or scope. MSM is resourceful and dedicated to enhancing the value of every project. Our goal is to add value and exceed expectations.