Bird’s Nest Products


Whole Piece Bird’s Nest: The original perfect shape of the bird’s nest is preserved, with a half moon looking-form. Due to the perfect shape of the Whole Piece Bird’s Nest and its flavor that many enjoy, its price is thus the highest.



Triangle Bird’s Nest: When a bird’s nest was made at the wall corner with an angle of 90 degree, the end shape will be triangular. The taste is slightly plain compared to Whole Piece Bird’s Nest and the price is also lower.



Bird’s Nest Strips:The shape is not as perfect as Whole Piece Bird’s Nest or during the process of feather cleaning – the Whole Piece Bird’s Nest scattered, and the end product is only strip-shaped but very perfect half-moon like forms. Taste better than Bird’s Nest pieces. Price wise is cheaper than Whole Piece Bird’s Nest.



Bird’s Nest Biscuit: Made using shattered bird’s nest pieces, and then shaped by using food glue pressing. However, the perfect shape of a Whole Piece Bird’s Nest is no longer retained, causing the price to also be lower.